Whether you are seeking a home revamp, or want to increase productivity at your corporate office, or you're looking for ways to help your hotel tenants have the most restful sleep of their lives, The Bodhi Lab can provide you with a comprehensive Feng Shui audit to help you achieve your goal. These audits can also help you in your quest to improve your health, increase the wealth, and strengthen your relationships.  


Sara’s path to the ancient acts of healing began at 13,000 feet off of the ground. She sought after moments of stillness while in free fall during skydiving, where the only sounds you hear are the sounds of your breath, and the collective noise of the universe. Her need to feel connected to earth and the energy of our universe was only actualized by the exaggerated movement of jumping out of a plane to land on earth with both feet planted on the ground. 



Am I doing this right?” Is one of the most common questions I hear from my yoga students. For you to gain the physical and uplifting emotional benefits of yoga, you have to work on performing poses in the best and safest alignment for your body and mind. For this reason, the Bodhi lab is introducing Asana Lab. 

The Asana Lab is a week long workshop covering the appropriate postures for a spectrum of poses including sun salutations, hip openers, and heart openers and many more. The Asana Lab will also offer meditation sessions, 1 Reiki session per student, and a Feng Shui introduction! 

In depth..

The Asana Lab will include:

  • 5 yoga classes covering a focused topic for each workshop 

  • Meditation prior to each yoga class 

  • 1 private Reiki session 

  • Private Feng Shui intro/ consultancy 


Special Price of 700 AED all inclusive of the above.

Yoga class walk ins are welcome at the price of 70 AED per class 

First Asana Lab will start on the 6th of December. 

This is a limited time offer! Hurry up and email us for more details.