It's not about doing a headstand

We are as flexible as a newborn baby. It’s life’s hardship that tightness our joints and stiffens our muscles rendering our body, this magnificent energy vessel, rigid and disconnected. Through the practice of Yoga, we will take a journey inwards and connect with the divine within us and between us. It’s this connection, the triumph of flexible mind over a rigid body that will enable us to unlock our bodies and allow for the divine Qi to flow.


Please join Sara on the mat for a bi-weekly community yoga practice. This practice is free of charge and its purpose is to elevate our consciousness as a community.  For more information, email us.


Am I doing this right?” Is one of the most common questions I hear from my yoga students. For you to gain the physical and uplifting emotional benefits of yoga, you have to work on performing poses in the best and safest alignment for your body and mind. For this reason, the Bodhi lab is introducing The Asana Lab. 

The Asana Lab workshopS

cover the appropriate postures for a 

spectrum of poses including sun salutations, hip openers, and heart openers, chakras and many more. The Asana Lab will also offer packages of meditation sessions, private Reiki sessions, and a Feng Shui consultation! 

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Terms & Conditions

In the event of cancellation by the client

∙ If requested at least 1 week before workshop starting date, 50% deposit is not refundable, but transferable to another workshop date within 1 year.
∙ No refunds and non transferable for cancellations 0-7 days prior to workshop start date or during the workshop process.


In the event of cancellation by The Bodhi Lab

∙ In the event of cancellation by The Bodhi Lab, you will be refunded your entire payment.
∙ Please confirm that the workshop has reached minimum capacity before paying any amount, if required.
∙ Finalization/cancellation of workshops may occur up to 15 days after confirming cancelation request.